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Ham Radio Outlet Atlanta's Manufacturer Day 2011

I spent the day today at Atlanta, Georgia's finest (if not only) Amateur Radio store, HRO. As soon as I got there, I saw WB6NOA, Gordon West, working the crowd and making certificates of Achievement for hams to take home and display stating they are a Licensed Amateur Radio Operator.  What a cool guy, Gordo is... he was so energetic all day and was friendly to everyone he met.  Gordon has been around a long time as a champion of Amateur Radio and his teaching books, tapes, DVD's, etc. have brought many into the hobby. He can currently be seen weekly on the video podcast Ham Nation

I also got to meet another Podcaster today as well. Tom Samacicio of HQARadio!  While neither Tom nor I won anything from the raffles, we certainly enjoyed seeing all the support HRO has in Atlanta and enjoyed the free food and soft drinks. Thanks for all the free food and drink, Mark (KJ4VO)! 

I decided I just HAD to hang around to see who won the grand prize drawing... crossing my fingers it would be me. It was for a Kenwood TS-590, which is the radio I have had my eyes on since it was introduced. What a great prize! Well, guess who won... that's right.... Santa Claus...
73 de N5PRE,


Stone Mountain Hamfest and Computer Expo 2011

I went to the Stone Mountain Hamfest today held at the Fairgrounds in Lawrenceville, Georgia and picked up a few small items I've been needing for a mobile mounting solution for my VHF/UHF radio in my car.

While I was there, I saw a few items worthy to photograph and this box is one of them.  I didn't see until I got home what the articles were, but how interesting they were. I should have bought them both.

Compare and contrast... 
73... May 1975... $1 unidentifiable (homebrew?) Handie Talkie... Rolls Royce, Mink Coat, Dated fashion... and on the cover it tells you there's a story on how to write for their competitor!

CQ... January 1975... $1 unidentified ham with equipment still being used to this day at a field day or contest outdoors. This could have been shot yesterday! Interesting that they were talking about no-code licenses back then and it actually came to be, but almost 31 years later!

Seeing these made me smile and remember when I was young and looked up the bound copies of these magazines in the local library because I couldn't afford to subscribe. 




Ham Fest!

Ham Fest!, originally uploaded by The Rocketeer.

Enjoying a day at the Hamcation 2011 hamfest. One of the largest I've been to in years.


New Ham Radio Information Source

I was listening to the RAIN Report podcast on Friday and heard about an easy to remember site that offers a lot of benefit to amateur radio operators everywhere... including those with smartphones.  The site is simply 

Some of the features for include callsign lookups with the ability to use wildcards. This would allow you to search for all hams with a particular prefix or suffix.  Also you can search by zip code or name as well.

Want to know what repeaters are active in a particular zip code, State or Province in the USA or Canada? That's supported as well. Filtering by band is also supported. 

Future upgrades will include the ability to search for hamfests in your area.  I'm looking forward to this feature.  

The best part about is that there is a matching iPhone and Android app for it, with much the same features, including the ability to determine your search by geo-location of the phone instead of having to input your zip code or State.  Check below for obtaining your copy of the app. (Note, there is a nominal charge for the app)

Direct Link to iPhone App - Click Here 

For Android, scan the QR Code below, or search "QSL" in the Market

Please also note that I have no connection to this new site or app other than to be a happy user of them and wanting to share with my fellow hams.

Visit QSL.FM